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Marble granite travertine sandstone fireplace is all about luxury decoration and cost efficiency.
Hand carved solid stone fireplace mantels from prominent designers of many centuries ago and experienced modern craftsmen combined create exquisite beauty and true value for your home.
We MAKE marble fireplace mantel,granite fireplace mantel,sandstone fireplace mantel etc. and other stone surrounds of the finest quality possible at convincingly affordable prices,
featuring statue carved Roman style marble fireplace mantel and surround, flower carved Victorian style marble fireplace mantel and surround,
simple stone fireplace surround fabrication and luxury marble fireplace mantel surround with overmantel. Each fireplace mantel and surround comes with a standard marble hearth.
Custom  fireplace hearths are available upon request. In addition to fireplace marble, the most popular types of fireplace stone,
a variety of other types of fireplace stone, such as travertine fireplace, limestone fireplace, sandstone fireplaces and granite fireplace are getting increasing favored in America's home improvement market,
especially the travertine fireplace that is characterized by the unique natural porous features has been used in many high end and famous building projects.
Limestone, granite and sandstone fireplace are often seen in simply fabricated styles.
Term "marble fireplace" used in this section is intended to mean "natural stone fireplace" in a broader sense, while term "fireplace mantel" here refers to the set including "marble fireplace mantel",
 "marble fireplace surround", "marble fireplace hearth" and marble fireplace overmantel where applicable.
 Glossary: marble fireplace mantel; stone fireplace; fireplace marble, marble out door; marble roman fireplace.
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